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Privacy Policy

By visiting our website BunkerSuppliers.com, sending us emails, or otherwise communicate with us, we may collect and store information from and about those activities. We will only do that where we have a legitimate business reason, and we are legally entitled, to do so. Automatic information we collect includes your IP address, browser type, web pages visited, and services used. You may also give us personally identifiable information, for example when you sign up to services, such as your name, address, contact information, what part of the industry you work in, and the company you work for, etc. We collect and use the information for helping us monitor usage of the website, so that we can improve it and make it a better experience for you, and to help us understand who our users are so we can better serve their needs, and to personalize content or services for individual visitors. We take your privacy seriously, We will not sell and share information to any anonymous or personally identifiable information to any third party other than to trusted third parties for one of the reasons set out with us and above. We will not publish or otherwise make available any anonymous or personally identifiable information about you unless you give us permission to do so. We had links and information from third party, and the information provided by others and third party is not our responsibility, as we provided the website for the marketing purpose only and we do not take responsibility for the accuracy etc.

For any further information please contact us.